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Goodreads Plugin for Calibre   Add empty books: file:///home/sylvain/.config/calibre/plugins/Goodreads%20Sync%20Help.htm#_Toc326445885

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How to upload your plugin with svn


The fastest, easiest and best way to get your plugin out there is to upload your plugin to the WordPress Plugin Directory. Having it there will let you easily push out automatic upgrades to all your users when you find

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New WordPress pugin: special-category-analyzer

This Special Category Analyzer plugin for wordpress analyses the categories set for a post, detect the categories begining with a special character and modify the post parameters approprietly (remove special characters, set format, set category, set tags). This plugin can

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New Plugin for WordPress:


Edit: A new version has been a title=”wata plugin” href=”” target=”_blank”>published. It includes a bug modification with author_id and add a new strategy to bypass wordpress sanityzer who removed part of the html code. This wata (wp-autopost-trakttv-activity) wordpress plugin does

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