[Problem] XBMC scan is taking too long

Problem description:

XBMC scan is taking way too long time to run. It stays on “Preparing” for a long time before startiting the real scan.


1. Desactivate library update on startup in general settings, so you can investigate easily

2. Activate the debug mode in general settings and open the xbmc.log file

3. Start a library update and monitor your xbmc.log to see where the scan process is having problem. Usually, it wants to access a file that is not accessible anymore.

In my case, it was trying to scan a old network directory I had remove from my sources. But it seems that this source was still in Xbmc internal library but not in the sources.xml file. So in order to remove this hidden location, I did the following:

4. Recreate a source matching this old network directory, set it up as anything and delete it. Answer Yes when ask to update library.

5. Restart a library scan, the problem should have been solved. If there is still files posing problems, restart at step 4.

I hope this can help you, it helped me a lot after I changed my NAS IP address.

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