Automatic publish on wordpress the articles you read

I personnaly use feedly as a rss reader since the disappearance of google reader and I am pretty happy with it.

I read a lot of different things with feedly and I want to share some of them on specific blogs.

To do so, I tried free autoblog wordpress plugins like WpeMatico to automatically publish in new post a rss feed content.

The first step was to retrieve the rss links of my feedly tags. Sadly, it is a paid options, so I used an ifttt receipe to send saved articles to pocket (full text reading, offline mobile reading, good tag management). Pocket offer free rss syndication, but not to specific tag. I know that can do this, but the Pocket-> receipes didn’t work at the time of the test (2014-10-14).

Faced with great difficulty to esily obtain a functionning rss feed of my tagged feedly articles, I decided to use a Pocket->Wordpress receipe.

I will then try to make a new category template and a new individual post template for this category.



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