LastReadRss: a new ComicRack plugin to publish your readings on internet (facebook, twitter, wordpress …)

LastReadRss is a plugin for ComicRack written in Python and released under theGNU GPL v3 licence.

It publish the last read comics from your database into custom news feeds with support for several data (serie, number, rating, title, summary, album cover). you can download it here.

It support multiple output files, based on file path, so you can create a news feed for your last read comics and another one for your last read manga if they have different filepath like ‘C:\mycomics’ and ‘D:\aga\mymanga’.

Don’t forget to first edit the configuration file “” in the script directory. Restart CR after editing the file.

If you want to publish automatically on facebook or twitter, just save your feeds in a directory where a webserver can access it and use a popular service like ifttt. See my recipes for example.

Please, ask your questions in the comments.

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