How to acces your NAS from outside

Sometimes, accessing your computer from outside your home network can be tricky. Follow this simple steps in order to configure your router. For this, your will need:

  • to have acces to your router admin interface
  • to have a fixed ip address

Then you will need to find what’s your external IP: go to Be sure thant your connection doesn’t pass through a proxy or a VPN server.

You will then add new redirection rules to your router. Redirect only the port you will need the corresponding port on your local machine. For web application, you have to use TCP, instead of UDP. Save and restart to apply the changes.

If you are like and have several routers (the first one is the internet box of my provider and the second one is a dd-wrt router working with the tomato firmware), the you must first make a redirection from your first router to your second router internal ip address and the configure your second router (the one between your first router and your computers) as stated above.

To see if this is working, type your ip address in a navigator which is not conectec to tyour internal network and specify the port you want to reach. You should now be able to see your local machine interface.

Let me know if this is working for you.


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