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New Plugin for WordPress:


Edit: A new version has been a title=”wata plugin” href=”” target=”_blank”>published. It includes a bug modification with author_id and add a new strategy to bypass wordpress sanityzer who removed part of the html code. This wata (wp-autopost-trakttv-activity) wordpress plugin does

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How to set files rights for Tansmission downloads


When you use scripts to handle your downloaded files, you want to be sure that the files downloaded by your Transmission daemon have the good permissions. These files permissions are set in /etc/Transmission-daemon/settings.json in the variable umask. Umask is normally

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[Problem] XBMC scan is taking too long


Problem description: XBMC scan is taking way too long time to run. It stays on “Preparing” for a long time before startiting the real scan. Solution: 1. Desactivate library update on startup in general settings, so you can investigate easily

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